Make Coffee at home with Barista Express + Nutella Brioche Croissants

It’s not a secret that both my husband and I love having breakfast at home with a cup of really good coffee. Whether it’s on a week day before going to work or during the weekend, we always take the time to freshly grind some specialty coffee beans, prepare the coffee and sit down to enjoy.


We usually make filter coffee on the AeroPress machine and eat a slice of bread with peanut butter on a working day, but when we have more time during the weekend we make a Chemex and maybe cook Shakshuka baked eggs.

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Breakfast at Darwin Brasserie, Sky Garden

The Sky Garden, London’s highest public garden, offers one of the most spectacular views of London. The best part? It’s completely free!


The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street spans three floors and offers uninterrupted views across the City of London. Served by two express lifts, visitors arrive to a beautiful landscaped garden with a viewing area, terrace, café, bar and restaurant. The Sky Garden is a truly unique space and has been designed to create an open and vibrant place of leisure, offering visitors a rare chance to experience London from a different viewpoint.

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A Visit to Dublin and 3FE Coffee

I hoped to have this post live on Tuesday 17th, just in time to celebrate St Patricks Day with my words of praise and love towards Ireland’s capital city! Unfortunately a bad cold got in the way of my blogging schedule, so instead of writing I spent most of Monday in bed surrounded by tissues and medicines.

Dublin-City-Centre-4 copy

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