Brunch in Berlin at Silo Coffee

The first time I visited Berlin in 2007 I still thought espresso could only good in Italy and my coffee habits abroad we limited to ordering tall cappuccinos from Starbucks.

Nowadays if I’m travelling to a European capital or one of the world’s top cities is often BECAUSE OF its specialty coffee scene! I have a long list (partly written, partly in my mind) of all the coffee shops I want to visit in the world and I am slowly trying to tick all the boxes off.


In the years that followed my first visit to Berlin, the city’s coffee… Continue reading →

The Hive Conference 2015 in Berlin

Last week I was in Berlin for a few days to attend The Hive conference, a two-day full immersion into the world of blogging.


It wasn’t my first bloggers’ conference, having attended Food Blogger Connect in London twice. However this was my first conference that was not strictly focused on food and that was held outside of UK, hence I had the opportunity to interact with a very different crowd of bloggers than I usually do.

A week on, I want to share my thoughts about The Hive, what I learned from it, my highlights and what (in my… Continue reading →

Raspberry Buttermilk Bundt Cake


I don’t as often as I used to nowadays, so when I do is usually for a special occasion: a birthday, a charity bake event at my husband’s office or a friends’ party. I used to bake almost every weekend in the first few years of this blog and I thought I would do it even more once I quit my office job. But life as a freelancer unemployed is hard and I am constantly running around, networking, writing my blog, taking photos as well as doing little jobs here and there just to pay the bills (and hopefully improve… Continue reading →