Brunch at Vinoteca Kings Cross

As the brunch lover that I am, I’m always on the look out for good brunch spots in London. So I was very happy to hear that the new Vinoteca – recently opened in Kings Cross – had a brunch menu…and a brunch wine menu!

The restaurant is the fifth and largest member of the Vinoteca family and it’s located on King’s Boulevard, just in between King’s Cross and St Pancras stations.


The new Vinoteca looks a bit different from the other restaurants of the group (Farringdon, Soho, Marylebone, Chiswick). This one is housed in a brand new,… Continue reading →

Travel in Portugal: Discovering Porto Food Specialties

A few weeks ago I visited Porto, Portugal’s second biggest city, for the first time. I hope it won’t be the last, because I fell in love with the Portuguese city, its welcoming and friendly people and – of course – their fantastic food and wine!


I was only in Porto for three (very rainy) days, so I didn’t get to visit all the restaurants and shops I had marked on my to-do list. It’s incredible how many great restaurants there are just in the small city centre of Porto! I have been in bigger European cities with much less… Continue reading →

Almond Cake with Blueberry Jam

Lately I have been thinking about baking more often, just to have that time for myself where I am completely focusing on a task (that doesn’t involve looking at a screen). And while I don’t often have the time to try elaborated recipes, sometimes though it’s nice to just bake a simple cake, one that reminds you of the cakes you ate as a child. A breakfast cake that can make mornings a little bit nicer and easier for you and your family.


I haven’t been baking much lately and this week it really hit me how much I miss… Continue reading →