Affogato with Amaretto di Saronno

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This week's recipe for the Lavazza Coffee Set Match blogger challenge is an original twist to the Affogato al Caffè. Super easy to make and perfect for summer days, it is a great dessert idea for your next dinner party!


* Vanilla Ice-cream (I used Clotted Cream ice-cream which is my current obsession!) * 1 espresso shot * 2 tsp Amaretto di Saronno * 3 amaretti biscuits


I made the espresso using Lavazza A Modo Mio machine and a capsule of Dolcemente Caffè Crema. This is a well rounded, balanced and creamy blend, which worked well with the almond and cream flavours of my affogato. Go for the decaf if you are having this dessert after dinner, or else it'll keep you awake all night!

Scoop out the ice-cream from the box and into a glass. Don't use a ceramic bowl: the beauty of this dessert is to see the different layers and colours!

Crumble the amaretti biscuits over the ice-cream. Pour the liquor - as much as you like! I try to limit myself to a couple of teaspoons.

Leave the coffee at last: it has to be poured hot, but it will melt the ice-cream quickly, so make sure you have all the other ingredients already in place.

Serve it immediately and enjoy!

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Maria Cristina 22/11/2012

Easy, tasty, the ingredients can always be at hand: success is assured!!

monsterscircus 22/11/2012

Uhm it look so loveable, nice for the summer tea time.Have a wonderful day.

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whilehewasout 22/11/2012

This reminds me of an amazing-fantastic ice cream cup we had at Lake Garda in Italy a couple of years ago - pure delight! Well, this one looks just as great! Thank your for sharing :)

Gourmesso coffee shop online 29/01/2014

Love it! Thanks for the share!