I am finally getting round to writing a post about the lovely Scandilicious brunch supperclub I attended in April (gasp, time flies!).

Scandilicious Brunch supperclub in London

I’ve been in love with everything Scandinavian ever since I traveled in Norway last year and even more so after visiting Stockholm in January. With stunning scenery, friendly people and great quality food, there’s so much to love about the Nordic countries.

A few months ago I started following Signe Johansen on Twitter and she’s definitely a baking goddess – check out her beautiful book “Baking”. When she announced her supperclub dates, I immediately booked a ticket to attend and taste her famous Cinnamon Spelt Buns and Cardamon Doughnuts.

Scandilicious Brunch supperclub in London

The brunch was held in a pretty house in Islington with a modern and spacious living room where around 16 people were accommodated.

Scandilicious Brunch supperclub in LondonScandilicious Brunch supperclub in London

Hannah welcomed us with a glass of Scandinavian Bloody Mary (Dill, Horseradish, Aquavit, Tomato Juice).

During the brunch we also tried two types of homemade smoothies and juices: Raspberry, Ginger & Vanilla Smoothie; Green Goddess Juice (Cucumber, Mint, Ginger, Apple).

The menu was impressive:
* Jarlsberg & Fennel Muffins
* Homemade Yoghurt with Queen’s Compote (Raspberry & Blueberry) and Rye Granola
* Beetroot Salad
* Gravadlax, Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbread
* Norwegian Vanilla & Sour Cream Waffles
* Cinnamon Spelt Buns
* Hot Cardamom Doughnuts with Black Cherry Jam

Scandilicious Brunch supperclub in LondonScandilicious Brunch supperclub in LondonScandilicious Brunch supperclub in LondonScandilicious Brunch supperclub in LondonScandilicious Brunch supperclub in LondonScandilicious Brunch supperclub in London
Scandilicious Brunch supperclub in LondonScandilicious Brunch supperclub in LondonScandilicious Brunch supperclub in London

Sadly the Hot Cardamom Doughnuts were not available on the day we attended, but we were able to taste a new recipe from Signe’s latest book: Chocolate Brownies. We were so quick to steal them from the plate that I didn’t have time to take a photograph!

I was also excited to have a second go at the Cinnamon Spelt Buns – they are by far the best I have ever tasted!

At the end of the lunch we were served filer coffee from Square Mile and tea from the Rare Tea Company. Henrietta Lovell, the Rare Tea Lady, was sitting at our table and we had an interesting chat about all things tea. I went straight to Waitrose the next day to buy a box of her Jasmine tea and I have been drinking it regularly ever since.

  • Looks amazing. I had a date booked but then couldn’t go. Very sad to have missed it, though it’s nice to now be able to eat with my eyes – lovely photos!

    • Signe has got more dates planned, I recommend them! I’m definitely going to get her book sooner or later, I want to learn how to bake cinnamon buns as amazing as hers!

  • Maria Cristina

    Really beautiful pictures and very nice layout!!!!

  • beautiful pictures, beautiful atmosphere! the food has a special soul!

    • Great food indeed, you should try the Scandilicious supperclub next time you are in London! :)

  • Ines

    My mother has a Norwegian friend who use to do those heart waffles when I was a kid :) This post brought me good memories. And everything looks so delicious! The photos make me feel hungry, good job ;-)

    • I’m glad my photos brought back happy memories! When I visited Stavanger, the guesthouse we were staying at served homemade heart waffles with cream every night to all the guests!

  • Beautiful pictures! BTW you might like to know that I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I hope you will enjoy it.
    Details are on my blog



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