Cocktail Masterclass at Hotel Pullman London St Pancras

10th July 2015

The first Pullman Hotel in the UK was opened in London St Pancras in the summer of 2012. Last night I had the pleasure to visit it for a cocktail masterclass with a group of selected travel bloggers.


Pullman is an upscale business hotel chain (part of AccorHotels) known for its contemporary design which attracts cosmopolitan travellers all over the world.

The high-class Pullman hotels cater for business travellers and meetings. Situated at the heart of major regional and international metropolises, Pullman hotels offer customised services, access to innovative technologies and the “Co-Meeting” concept – a new approach to organising high-class meetings, seminars and incentives. Pullman also has Resort hotels in the most sought-after tourist destinations. [Pullman Hotels]


The St Pancras hotel benefits from a prime location only a few minutes walk from King’s Cross St Pancras as well as stunning views of London’s skyline from its top 15th floor.


The cocktail masterclass was held at The Golden Arrow, a sleek and stylish restaurant and bar located on the ground floor of the Pullman.


Golden Arrow serves modern European dishes paired with an impressive wine list (bottles of wines are on display everywhere around the restaurant). The bar specialises in cocktails and have a wide array of spirits and over 200 whisky’s on offer.

Cocktails-Pullman-Hotel-London-15 Cocktails-Pullman-Hotel-London-14

I have attended cocktail masterclasses before, but this was the first time I really got my hands on the shaker and mixed drinks all by myself. It was fun, but I am glad I was given recipes to follow and the bar staff nearby to ask for advise. Cocktail mixology requires a lot of knowledge and skills, not only in mixing the ingredients and balancing the flavours, but also in styling and presenting the drink.

Cocktails-Pullman-Hotel-London-2 Cocktails-Pullman-Hotel-London-1Cocktails-Pullman-Hotel-London-5

The first cocktail was called “Jump to Guatemala” and was made with Dark Rum, Amaretto, Orange juice, Pineapple juice and a dash of Grenadine syrup. It was one of my favourites, very sweet and refreshing, with a strong taste of Amaretto which I love.

Cocktails-Pullman-Hotel-London-6 Cocktails-Pullman-Hotel-London-7

The next cocktail “Rum Sour” was my least favourite, it had Dark Rum, sugar syrup, lemon juice, one egg white and a touch of Malbec. The lemon juice was coming through too much, so I would balance it out with more sugar. I am also not a fan of egg whites in cocktails.


The third cocktail we made at the Golden Arrow masterclass was a “Raspberry Espresso Martini”. It is made with one espresso shot, Chambord liqueur (it’s an infusion of red and black raspberries), Araku (a rum and coffee liqueur) and a dash of White Chocolate Mozart liqueur. Though I love anything with coffee, in my opinion there were too many flavours going on in this cocktail. It was also very hard to style the glass into anything remarkable.


Finally I made the “Basil Pullman” cocktail, my favourite drink of the evening: elegant, classic, sweet and sour! It is made with White Rum, fresh raspberries and basil leaves mashed together, sugar syrup, lime juice and Chambord liqueur.


By the end of the masterclass I had learnt a few tricks on cocktail mixology and flavour pairing, though I I need to up my shaking skills because I didn’t manage to get any foam out of the drinks. My husband loves making cocktails, so he’s usually the one preparing drinks whenever we have guests coming over for dinner. Maybe it’s time I start making them? After this class I feel confident I could mix a mean cocktail! ;)


Pullman Hotel London St Pancras organises bespoke cocktail masterclass for groups of 8-12 people.

Disclaimer: I attended the masterclass as a guest of Pullman Hotel. All opinions are my own.





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