About Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Giulia Mulè. I am a food and travel writer and photographer. I live in South London with my husband Sandy.

I was born in Rome, Italy and I lived there until I was 25 years old. I always had a passion for traveling and curiosity for exploring the world, so after university I moved to New York to do an internship for 6 months. After that I won a scholarship to work in London and I have been here ever since.

My plan was to keep moving, but then I met Sandy – now my husband – and so I decided to stay here a while longer.

Since moving to London I have deepened my passion for photography and I have discovered a love for baking. At the time I used to work full time in an advertising agency (sitting at a desk all day) so baking and photography were not only my hobbies, but a way to being creative and active.

Giulia Mule - Blogger - Mondomulia

Rome-born Giulia is the coffee and brunch queen of London. As the co-founder of @IGBrunchClub, she provides curated brunch inspiration for her followers, one tasty post at a time.  Her Instagram combines travel too – handy that she’s a photographer – so expect to see wanderlust-inspiring pictures of cafes and restaurants around the world, from San Sebastian to Brittany. [The Evening Standard]

Giulia Mule - Blogger - Mondomulia

At the end of 2011 I decided to combine my passions into a food photography and travel blog – Mondomulia.

I have been working on my blog full time since the end of 2014. My life nowadays is spent at home cooking and blogging; travelling to beautiful destinations for work and with my husband; exploring London; trying new restaurants and coffee shops.

I am usually with my iPhone 6 in hand, checking my emails or taking photos for my Instagram. In the evenings and weekends I try to put my phone away and relax by baking, watching a movie at the cinema or staying at home with my husband watching TV series on Netflix.

Giulia Mule - Blogger - Mondomulia

Mondomulia is a global destination blog for all things baking, coffee and travel. Giulia Mule is the face behind the flavours; combining her passion for food, photography and travel all in one delicious space of the web. Giulia’s passion for culinary creation sees her leading bespoke recipe creation for global brands to regional favourites. Giulia travels as much as she can whether it’s a city rich with culture her readers need to discover too, or a Swedish coffee house we need to know about, Mondomulia curates and shares each experience in style with wonderful insights to each post. [Bloggerati]