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    Pastiera – Neapolitan Easter Cake

    Easter is upon us: that time of the year when it’s absolutely acceptable to eat chocolate for four days in a row. After January Detox and Lent, we can finally stuff ourselves silly and…

    1st April 2015
  • Baking Recipes

    Scones with Comte Cheese

    I can’t say I am an expert of British cuisine or French produce, but last week I had the chance to expand my knowledge of both at the Comtรฉ cheese cookery class at Divertimenti.…

    10th March 2015
  • Baking Recipes

    Date and Almond Bread {Paleo}

    Did I tell you I’ve been on the Whole30 program for the past three weeks? Well, I cheated twice, so technically I cannot say that I’m doing the Whole30, but apart from those two…

    31st October 2014
  • Baking Recipes

    Fruit Loaf Cake

    Today I want to share a recipe for a traditional British cake:ย Fruit Loaf Cake.ย It’s quick to make and provides a great alternative to bread for breakfast. It’s moist and sweet, so you don’t need…

    25th June 2014
  • Baking Recipes

    Nutty Granola Bars

    Last weekend was my first weekend at home after a month, so I was eager to spend some time in my kitchen and bake again. It's too hot in London to keep the oven…

    10th June 2014