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With two weeks to go until Shrove Tuesday and the start of Lent, this is the time of the year to indulge in sweet treats. Here in UK it’s all about pancakes, but in Italy we have a tradition of eating doughnuts to celebrate the period before Lent, which also coincides with the Carnival festivities. In Trieste we call these doughnuts fritole and today I am sharing a family recipe to make them.

Frittole Triestine - Italian Carnival Doughnuts

Regional variations of these little yummy balls of fried dough can be found all over Italy around January and February.… Continue reading

Today I am sharing a recipe for barazek, the traditional Syrian butter biscuits. These tasty, addictive biscuits are made from a thin dough crust coated with a thick layer of sesame on one side and dotted with pistachios on the other.

Barazek (Sesame Pistachio Biscuits) from Cook for Syria cookbook

I want to share this recipe to tell you more about Cook for Syria, a fundraising initiative curated by Clerkenwell Boy and Suitcase Magazine. At the end of last year they launched a month-long campaign in London, focused around Syrian cuisine. Through a series of events, Cook for Syria encouraged… Continue reading

We are nearly there, only two more sleeps until Christmas Day. After a busy few weeks wrapping up work projects, filing my tax return and testing Christmas recipes, I am ready now for a few days of rest! I just need to finish packing up my bags and I’ll be off to Italy to celebrate the holidays with my family.

One of the seasonal desserts I made this week as these pretty and delicious mini Panettone cakes. Why not give this recipe a try over the weekend? They are lovely for breakfast with a nice cup of tea or coffee!

Mini Panettone Christmas Cakes {Martha Stewart recipe - photography by Mondomulia}

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