One month ago, Dominique Ansel Bakery opened its doors in London with the man himself there to meet the crowd waiting to taste his pastries and cakes. One above all: the cronut. I was one of hundreds of Londoners who stood in line for hours to get a taste of his world-famous creations. A few days later I received an invitation to attend a breakfast gathering with Dominique Ansel on the London Eye. Louis Fernando, a London-based PR who shares beautiful food photos on Instagram @tuckandvine, attended the event on my behalf. He shares his thoughts and photos in this guest post. I hope you’ll like it!

On The London Eye with "Mr Cronut" Dominique Ansel

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This week marks 10 years since I left Italy for good to live in London. As the anniversary approached, I started to think about the past ten years of my life, what I have done, what I have achieved. And somehow writing a post about it seemed like the right thing to do. This post is a reflection of my life as much as it is a celebration of London. It’s a moment of contemplation on how much I changed and how London has changed too.


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After a fairly quiet July and August spent in London, catching up on the blog (but mainly catching up on Gilmore Girls, let’s be honest…), September kicked off a new season of travel. I went to France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Greece and I am about to fly back to Italy next week, then to Portugal and Poland. I say this again and again, but one thing I miss when travelling is eating out in London. I try to keep up with all the new openings, but it’s hard in a city where the restaurant scene is constantly changing.

One of the few restaurants I had the chance to visit recently is the Cambridge Street Kitchen in Pimlico. I was there for brunch a few weeks ago and loved the space, but most of all the coffee and food. So here’s my review of their brunch menu…I hope it will inspire you to visit Cambridge St Kitchen soon!

Brunch at Cambridge Street Kitchen, Pimlico

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