I am in Rome visiting the family and of course I am using all opportunities to take photos of my beautiful city.

One of my favourite parts of Rome is Campo de’ Fiori, literally “field of flowers”. It’s a square near Piazza Navona which hosts a fruit and vegetables market every day. I love the bright colours of pumpkins, tomatoes, mandarins, chili, fennels, roman artichokes and broccoli. The roman broccoli is so peculiar, it is often referred to as a “natural fractal”.

What are the typical vegetables or fruits of your hometown?



Did I mention I LOVE breakfast?! It’s my favourite time of the day, it’s the reason why I go to bed in the evening and why I wake up in the morning! I would have called my blog “I love breakfast” if it didn’t exist already! ;)

Even more, I love breakfast during Christmas! I am looking forward to going back home to Italy in a few days and eat the traditional Christmas sweets, like Panettone and Pandoro. But even in London you can enjoy a good Panettone, like the one from Valentina Deli.

Perfect breakfast: a slice of “Valentina” Panettone with hot “caffelatte” in my “Keep Calm and Carry On Cooking” mug.

Happy Sunday and Happy Christmas!

Update: my iPhone was stolen a few hours after publishing this post, so unfortunately this will be my *only* week on Instagram… :(

As you know by now, I am addicted to photographing food. Like, all the time. Sometimes I feel like I have to apologize to people for being a weirdo who lets her food/coffee go cold in search of the perfect shot!

I can’t always carry the weight of my Nikon D80 and sometimes using a big camera in public can be a bit intimidating (to me and other people). I was once snapping happily at my plate… Continue reading



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