Almond Cake with Blueberry Jam

Lately I have been thinking about baking more often, just to have that time for myself where I am completely focusing on a task (that doesn’t involve looking at a screen). And while I don’t often have the time to try elaborated recipes, sometimes though it’s nice to just bake a simple cake, one that reminds you of the cakes you ate as a child. A breakfast cake that can make mornings a little bit nicer and easier for you and your family.


I haven’t been baking much lately and this week it really hit me how much I miss… Continue reading →

5 Top Attractions to Visit with The London Pass

I have lived in London for nearly 9 years, so I rarely experience the city as a tourist anymore. I hurry around the city like a true Londoner, I know the street names, shops, restaurants and remember how different London looked when I moved here back in 2006. When my parents or friends come to visit, I want to show them “the real London” so I usually avoid the most touristic spots. But in March I had the chance to spend a day in London “playing the part” of a tourist and it was great!

London-Pass-Day-Tour-8 copy

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Brunch in London at St John Bakery Room

One thing you might not know about me is that last year I started an Instagram “brunch club” with a few friends: Clerkenwell Boy, Tschang, Heart Drive and Charlala. It all started with a brunch date at Duck & Waffle which we enjoyed so much that we decided to turn it into a regular occurrence.

That IG Brunch Club was born, which is now a monthly meetup to discover London’s best brunch places. Today I’m sharing some photos from a recent brunch we had at the new St John Bakery Room in Maltby Street.

St-John-Bakery-London-13 copy

The tiny cafe / restaurant on… Continue reading →