The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch, London

As as kid I used to love travelling mainly because I could stay in nice hotels with my parents, sleep in crispy white bed sheets and indulge at the breakfast buffet the next morning! Some people dislike staying anywhere but their own house and sleeping in a bed that is not their own. Not me! Part of the fun of travelling is finding the right accommodation, whether it’s a rented AirBNB apartment or a charming B&B in the country or a boutique hotel in the city.


The moment I step into a hotel room I am on holiday, regardless if… Continue reading →

Castagnole (Ricotta Doughnuts)

The Carnival season is nearly over, but it’s always a good time to Castagnole: Italian ricotta doughnuts!


Castagnole are fried doughnuts that are available all over Italy during the week of Carnival, so officially until tomorrow which is Martedì grasso (mardi gras / shrove tuesday). These fritters can also be found under the names of favette, frittole or strufoli depending on the region’s culinary tradition.

The main ingredients of castagnole are eggs, sugar, flour and citrus zest like lemon or orange. They can be prepared with or without ricotta cheese and there are also many regional variations that include… Continue reading →

Linzer Torte for Valentines Day

It’s the time of the year to celebrate Valentine’s Day and spend this special day with your loved ones.


I have spent this week in Austria for my first ever ski holiday, so that explains the lack of updates on my blog. It’s all going great so far: amazing weather, good snow on the slopes and most importantly I have actually learnt how to ski! I am still scared of heights when I’m in the gondola or skiing down a steep slope, but overall I am doing pretty good! Maybe I will try it again next year…maybe! ;)

My husband… Continue reading →