Eating and Drinking in Brussels

Brussels is so easy to reach from London (just 2 hours by train from St Pancras) that you really have no excuses for not going there. I strongly recommend you to take a few days to explore the Belgian capital city because, beyond the Grand Place and touristic streets around it, there is so much to discover! I am lucky to have a few friends living there so I visit regularly. If you don’t know anyone that can host you, you can still find good deals for accommodation in Brussels with I blogged about food and coffee in Brussels two years ago, but I often get asked to share my food recs so I thought it was time for a new post. Eating and drinking in Brussels, 2014 edition! ;)

I was in Brussels in March with my husband and we had a lovely time eating our way through the city, which was just beginning to show the first signs of spring.


My best friend Giovanna and her boyfriend Simone relocated from Rome to Brussels last year and live near Place Flagey in the neighbourhood of Ixelles. I love the area (I have already chosen the house that I will buy when I win the lottery)! On Sunday morning we got up early for a walk through the farmers market that takes place in the square. It’s a great way to do your food shopping (Belgian supermarkets are otherwise quite expensive): the traders sell fresh fruits and vegetables, rotisserie chickens and fresh meat, fresh-cut flowers, hot coffee, bread. You can even sit down and enjoy oysters and champagne on the square. Food-Travel-Brussels-45 Food-Travel-Brussels-46 Food-Travel-Brussels-47Food-Travel-Brussels-44

Weeks before my trip to Brussels, Giovanna and I had started our research of Brussels’ brunch spots reading blogs and forums about the city. There is so much choice we struggled to pick one place, but eventually decided to try Le Gaudron.

They have a brunch set menu which includes coffee or tea, fresh juice, eggs AND pastries, bread and spreads (for 20€)! It was a lot of food and set us up for the day ahead. The pastries and breads were freshly baked in-house (Le Gaudron is also a bakery / patisserie) and were delicious.

Le Gaudron  Brunch Brussels Food-Travel-Brussels-6 Food-Travel-Brussels-7 Food-Travel-Brussels-8 Food-Travel-Brussels-9

After brunch we walked to Maison Dandoy on the other side of Place Brugmann, to buy their Speculoos biscuits! I have been obsessed with Speculoos for many years and now I have reached the point where the Lotus stuff just won’t cut it anymore. It has to be homemade high-quality biscuits for me! The ones at Maison Dandoy are oven-fresh, rich in flavour and made with 100% natural ingredients.

Maison Dandoy Brussels Food-Travel-Brussels-2 Food-Travel-Brussels-3 Food-Travel-Brussels-4

The day started with rain, but luckily after a few hours the weather turned sunny and warm.

Food-Travel-Brussels-10 Food-Travel-Brussels-11 Food-Travel-Brussels-12 Food-Travel-Brussels-13

We took the tram going south of the city to Cantillon Brewery, a small Belgian traditional family brewery which brews Lambic beers and Gueuze in the traditional Belgian style. They offer a range of 100% organic beers (with the exception of their fruit beers), made with organically grown cereals and free of pesticides. On that day Cantillon Brewery was hosting a series of public brewing sessions, so we decided to join one of the tours to experience the various steps of the traditional beer production. There was a joyous atmosphere at Cantillon and it was very interesting to learn about the brewing process (filtration, hopping and cooking).

Cantillon Brewery Brussels Food-Travel-Brussels-15Cantillon Beers Brussels Food-Travel-Brussels-19

After all the walking, it was time for a break with coffee and cake. I knew where to go: Parlor Coffee. The last time I had been in Brussels there was only one specialty coffee shop available (Aksum, which has now relocated near the Grand Place), so I was excited to visit Parlor Coffee this time around. The café opened in 2012 in the Chatelain area in the uptown centre of Brussels.  They buy and roast high-quality coffees from small producers and aim to offer “the freshest, cleanest and tastiest coffees” in their neighbourhood.


Parlor Coffee Brussels Food-Travel-Brussels-22 Food-Travel-Brussels-23

The space is stripped down but cozy, split on two levels (ground floor and mezzanine) with lots of lights and a corner with sofas where we relaxed for a bit before continuing our city tour.

Down the road from Parlor Coffee you will find Chocolaterie Zaabar, where we sampled ALL the chocolates and bought a few bars to take back to London (the Lait Speculoos was my favourite, while my husband loved the Texas Chilli Peppers chocolate). Energised by the coffee and chocolate, we then walked to Avenue Louise (one of the most prestigious and expensive streets in Brussels) and Place Poelaert where you get a wonderful panorama view of Brussels. We happened to be there at sunset and it was beautiful.

Food-Travel-Brussels-28 Food-Travel-Brussels-29 Food-Travel-Brussels-31 Food-Travel-Brussels-32 Food-Travel-Brussels-33

We left the square and turned right towards Place du Grand Sablon, one of my favourite squares of Brussels. Around the corner from there it’s Le Perroquet, a brasserie specialised in pittas which I highly recommend, and right on the square is the famous Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini.

Food-Travel-Brussels-35 Food-Travel-Brussels-36 Food-Travel-Brussels-37 Food-Travel-Brussels-38

Dinner was at 9 et Voisins, a traditional Belgian brasserie run by the same owners of Fin du Siècle across the street. Both are tiny and don’t accept reservations, but you can leave your name and wait at the bar. They turn tables quite quickly. Don’t be put off by the central location and the number of tourists eating inside. The food is authentic and delicious! I was there five years ago and I was happy to be back and notice the quality hadn’t changed. The Stoemp is one of my favourite Belgian dishes (potato mash with spinach, leeks or carrots, served with two big sausages and rich gravy) but I was also really impressed by the Jambonneau moutarde that Simone ordered. A few glasses of Belgian beer like Westmalle Tripel and Chimay Blue Cap completed our perfect and satisfying meal.

Food-Dinner-Brussels-39 Food-Travel-Brussels-40 Food-Travel-Brussels-41 Food-Travel-Brussels-42

This completes my food tour of Brussels for now, but expect more tips on the years to come. I am already planning my next visit!



Lunch at Duck & Waffle

If there’s one restaurant you don’t need me to review AGAIN is Duck & Waffle. After all, I have already written about it three times: my first visit for breakfast on my birthday, Sunday brunch with my parents and a special visit to taste their dosant last summer. But I cannot refrain myself from sharing photos of the lunch I had this week when I was invited to celebrate Duck & Waffle’s 2nd anniversary.

Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-3 Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-4Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-32 Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-31

Congratulations to Duck & Waffle for two successful years in the business and for consistently offering fantastic food, drinks and service.

Lunch-Duck-Waffle-Drinks Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-13

I had lunch there on Wednesday with my Twitter friends Tim @Clerkenwell_Boy, Chris @AllThingsMeaty and Nuvola @afoodfairy. We shared quite a few different dishes as you will see: old favourites and new menu additions.

We started with bbq-spiced crispy pig ears (served in a paper bag) and oysters, sea trout gribiche and scotch bhadji.



Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-9  Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-11 Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-12 Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-16

The Anglo-indian dish (scotch egg meets onion bhadji) served with cauliflower, lime pickle and caramelised onion yogurt was delicious and representative of what Duck & Waffle offers: classic dishes revisited with original flavour combinations.

Duck & Waffle makes bread so well that they have a section of the menu dedicated to it. We loved the spicy ‘nduja and gruyère bread.

Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-19 Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-20 Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-21

We continued the lunch with the delicious bacon wrapped dates (as Chris said, you could just keep eating these all day), the baked beetroot with goat’s curd, roasted octopus with chorizo and foie gras crème brûlée.


Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-25 Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-24 Lunch-Duck-Waffle-London-23


Are you still with me? Our lunch was not over yet, actually my favourite dishes were still yet to come.

The star of the lunch was obviously the restaurant’s signature dish duck and waffleduck leg and duck egg on a waffle with maple syrup. It’s spectacular!


If that wasn’t enough to impress us, the puddings really stole the show: pistachio & dark chocolate macaroon sandwich; vanilla baked alaska with mulled pears (I had never eaten baked alaska it before but Nuvola said this was the best she ever had); torrejas with maple caramel apples and cinnamon ice cream. If you have never tasted this dessert, I urge you to go to Duck & Waffle asap and order one.



The restaurant was also celebrating the release of the book “Duck & Waffle: Recipes and stories” by Head Chef Daniel Doherty. It’s a beautiful cookbook with stunning photos and recipes of Duck & Waffle’s famous dishes (and many more)! Signed copies are available to buy from the restaurant.


I have said this before: if you live in London and haven’t been to Duck & Waffle yet, book a table now and just go. The ride up to the 40th floor is worth the trip alone, but you will get much more than that. You will thank me for it!

Duck & Waffle on Urbanspoon

Shakshuka from Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty Cookbook

I am really bad with cookbooks: I love them, but I never seem to find the time to use them. How nice would it be to have a pantry full of all the possible ingredients, then pick up a recipe at random and say “today I am going to cook / bake this!”.

The reality is that I am always busy and running around so my meal planning consists in whatsapping my husband at 6pm asking “what do you want for dinner?”. In 4 years of living together, he answered the question only a couple of times with something vague like “pasta?” (and a question mark to imply that he doesn’t really care, I can cook whatever I want). Yet I keep asking the question, it makes me feel like I’m not the one making the all food decisions in the house! ;)

Anyway, long story short: last Saturday I decided to spend the day at home working on my blog, but then – like the great procrastinator that I am – I started thinking about baking a cake. I looked for a baking recipe on Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty cookbook (spoiler: there aren’t any baking recipes) and this Shakshuka caught my attention.


Shakshuka-Recipe-Ottolenghi-17 Shakshuka-Recipe-Ottolenghi-18

I love middle eastern cuisine, which is becoming very popular here in London thanks to Ottolenghi’s recipes, restaurants like Honey & Co., Palomar and Arabica, and cookbooks like Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour.

Shakshuka-Recipe-Ottolenghi-2 Shakshuka-Recipe-Ottolenghi-9

Also, my husband and I have started the #Whole30 program yesterday, so I’m on the lookout for exciting ways of cooking with eggs. Although this recipe is not strictly paleo or suitable for the Whole30 program because of the vegetable oil and muscovado sugar, it can be easily adapted for it.

This Shakshuka was a success and I’m certainly going to make it again. Having a lazy weekend brunch at home is such a treat, especially when you have a lovely husband that prepares you a delicious cup of coffee!

Chemex-Coffee Shakshuka-Recipe-Ottolenghi-5


  • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
  • 150ml vegetable oil
  • 1 white onion, sliced
  • 2 shallots, sliced
  • 2 yellow and 1 red peppers, cut into strips
  • 3 tbsp muscovado sugar
  • 4 thyme sprigs, leaves picked and chopped
  • 2 tbsp parsley, chopped
  • 4-5 ripe tomatoes, roughly chopped
  • 1/2 tsp saffron threads
  • pinch of cayenne pepper
  • 6 free-range eggs
  • salt
  • pepper



In a very large pan dry-roast the cumin seeds on a high heat for 2 minutes. Add the oil and onions and saute for 5 minutes.


Add the peppers, sugar and herbs and continue cooking on a high heat for 5-10 minutes to get a nice colour.

Add the tomatoes, saffron, cayenne and some salt and pepper. Reduce the heat to low and cook for 15 minutes. The original recipe says to add water at this stage to obtain a pasta sauce consistency, but my tomatoes were already watery so I didn’t feel the need to add more liquid.


Taste and adjust the seasoning. It should be potent and flavoursome. You can prepare this mix in advance.

Turn the heat to medium, then make gaps in the pepper mix and carefully break an egg into each gap. Sprinkle with salt and cover the pan with a lid.

Shakshuka-Recipe-Ottolenghi-11 Shakshuka-Recipe-Ottolenghi-12

Cook on a very gentle heat for 10-12 minutes, or until the eggs are just set. Mine were slightly overcooked with the yolk half-boiled rather than still runny.

Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve.



A Long Weekend in Nice, Côte d’Azur

Earlier this week I migrated my blog to WordPress, the platform where I originally opened it in 2012 before moving to Overblog for two years. You might notice a few differences in the layout, but hopefully they won’t bother you too much. I am working on a blog re-launch, so hopefully Mondomulia will have a brand new layout soon!

As I was going through my old WordPress blog the other night, I found an old post saved in drafts which I had never published and completely forgotten about! The post is about a long weekend trip to Nice, in Côte d’Azur, which we took just before getting married. It was a lovely trip and I am so happy to share the photos with you today.

A week before our London wedding, Sandy and I escaped to the Côte d’Azur for a relaxing long weekend. I always take advantage of bank holiday Mondays to travel to the English countryside or to Europe, so I planned this short trip to France months in advance, before flights and hotels became too expensive. Still, it was not a cheap trip, despite trying to keep it low cost.

I booked a lovely charming beautiful apartment on AirBNB. It was my first experience booking through this site and it was an all-round great one too! We departed on Friday after work, reached Nice airport and after a short bus ride we were in the city centre and at our apartment.

On Saturday morning, we lazily slept in, only to be woken up around 10am by the sun light and chatters coming from the street. First thing I did, was walking down to the nearest boulangerie and buy fresh pain au chocolat! Ohhh, la belle vie! :)

I also bought fresh fruit every morning: figs, peaches, apricots, bananas. It’s so good to eat tasty and fresh fruit!

We had breakfast in the flat, the kitchen was a bijoux, so cute and perfect.

The plan for the day was to visit St Paul de Vence. We took a bus from Nice city centre and after a long ride (1h30′) we arrived at the small hill town.

A city of artists and famous for the local production of olive oil and lavender.

In the afternoon we took the bus back to Nice, getting off at the promenade beach to dive into the water and get off the day’s heat. The beach of Nice is not the prettiest, but it is free and within walking distance from pretty much anywhere.

Dinner was at a really good wine bar and brasserie in the city centre (unfortunately since it was two years ago I can’t remember the name anymore)!

The second day of our holiday was dedicated to the beach and to getting tanned! After a “healthy” and fulfilling breakfast at home, we took the bus to St Jean Cap Ferrat. Our intended destination was the Paloma beach, but it was very crowded and the nearby beach was less so, hence we settled there.

Still it was a stunning beach, look at that view!

On Sunday evening I was determined to have Socca for dinner, the chickpea flatbread that is traditional of this region (a similar dish can be found in Italy’s Liguria and Tuscany regions). But we got delayed after going for a long 14km run on the promenade, so by the time we reached the famous Chez Pipo restaurant, the kitchen was closed! :( We had a forgettable dinner in a touristic restaurant in Nice old town, but the night was saved by a cone of my favourite Speculoos ice-cream at Fenocchio.

On Monday, we packed our bags, sadly waved goodbye to the lovely AirBNB apartment, and walked to the train station to leave our bags in the station lockers. We then took the train to Cannes.

There we took the ferry to Isle St Marguerite, only after stopping to buy Speculoos macarons!

Isle St Marguerite is a beautiful destination for a beach day, we didn’t have our swim suits bu we still enjoyed walking around the island and in the pine woods.

After a few hours, we took the ferry and train to Nice and then flew back to London where we got married a few days later… :)


“Be The Barista” with Selfridges London

Specialty coffee shops are taking over London and all over the world many cities are ridong the same wave. The UK media are catching up too, so what was a niche trend now is turning into a global phenomenon.

One thing is clear: being a coffee connoisseur is a trend, Britain is now a nation of coffee drinkers, customers are better educated about coffee and more people want to learn how to brew the perfect cup at home!


"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London
"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London

For years I have used the same supermarket coffee blend and a Bialetti stove pot. Nowadays I like to have multiple coffee choices: from freshly roasted specialty espresso blends to single origin coffees; from espressos to filters.

My husband is even more of a coffee geek than I am, so between the two of us we now have a range of brewing devices at home: a stove pot, an aeropress, the Hario v60 and a chemex (and the Hario Buono Drip Kettle).

The latest addition to our coffee makers’ collection is the ROK espresso maker.

"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London
"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London
"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London

The ROK is “a finely engineered gearing that lowers the piston to generate the pressure to extract the coffee oils to create the perfect espresso”. It’s a simple machine that works without electricity: just the power of your arms!

I received a ROK espresso maker from Selfridges London as part of their campaign Be The Barista and for the past week my husband has been experimenting with it. I just let him practice with the ROK, while I’m enjoy having my breakfast coffee served to me every morning! I hope this new routine lasts! ;)

"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London
"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London


“The Selfridges campaign celebrates the art of specialty coffee, and being able to create coffee shop quality at home. From artisanal coffee masterclasses and demonstrations of essential coffee-making equipment and accessories to amazing bean-to-cup coffee machines, discover a world dedicated to coffee.”


"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London

"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London

Making the perfect espresso with the ROK requires practice, so allow some time to master the machine. There are also many other variables to a good coffee: the quality of the beans, the freshness of the roast, the coffee grounds, the right water temperature and brewing time.

For the ROK machine you need coffee grounds suitable for espresso (not too coarse or the water will pass through too easily, not too fine or it will be very hard to push the arms down). I usually buy fresh roasted coffee online at Pact Coffee, a London-based roasters and monthly subscription service*.

"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London
"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London
"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London

Fill the ROK cylinder with hot water, lift the handles and then push them downwards in a firm, smooth motion. Hold them down until all the water has been extracted (this should take between 20 and 30 seconds). Your double espresso is ready!

"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London
"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London

Making good coffee at home is a priority for us and the day cannot start without it!

Whether it’s an espresso or a milk-based coffee drink, we can use the ROK to make a good coffee. As I said, it requires a bit of practice and it’s not as straight-forward as using a stove pot, but I’m confident we will master it soon and learn how to create a good espresso crema!

"Be The Barista" with Selfridges London
As part of the Be The Barista campaign, Selfridges have partnered with Origin Coffee Roasters to hold weekly coffee masterclasses in their store, in the “Cookshop” area on the lower ground. You can buy tickets online or in store.

Disclaimer: I received from Selfridges a complimentary ROK machine. All opinions are my own.

*If you live in the UK and want to try Pact Coffee, you can buy your first bag for only £1 using the code GIULIA-3DB5SG. Full disclosure: I paid for the coffee and this is not a sponsored post for Pact, but if three friends use this discount code I will get a limited edition t-shirt. You can get it too, if you introduce three friends to Pact Coffee.

My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To

Travelling is one of my biggest passions, something I have always loved doing since I was young. I guess I have to thank my family for it! I have always had a curiosity for different cities and countries or even just exploring my own city, discovering new neighbourhoods, learning how to get around and meeting locals. Every time I see a new place, I feel like I have learnt something new.

The challenge when you are young is finding the money or when you are my age is finding the time to keep travelling. Visiting new destinations but also revisiting places which you have been to and loved.

I was nominated by Make New Tracks to write this post as part of the Top Destinations to Go There challenge, so I have shortlisted five countries or cities that I would love to go back to, for different reasons.

Here are My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To:


My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To

Number 1 on my list has to be New Zealand! I fell in love utterly and completely with this country in the three weeks I visited it last December. I blogged about it as soon as I came back, so you can really feel my love in this post.

Me and my husband spent three weeks travelling across the north and south islands in a campervan, but we could only see a fraction of what this country has to offer. There are so many places we had to skip, often driving through them without stopping, like Bay of Plenty, Marlborough vineyards, Fiordland.

I'd love to go back for two months at least and explore New Zealand at a slower pace, spending days camping and just, relaxing, eating amazing food and just enjoying the view! :)



My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To

Visiting Tokyo was my dream, so when the chance came up to go there for a week with some friends, I took it immediately. My friends and I were really into street and portrait photography at the time and we just went crazy shooting the city with its street lights, skyscrapers and millions of people.

Tokyo is the coolest, craziest, most beautiful and mesmerizing cities I've ever seen. Photography-wise, I never felt more inspired and amazed by a city in my entire life. Words can't describe it. I shared this experience with a close friend and I will treasure forever the memories from this trip.

I was also lucky to stay in a flat with a good friend of mine, Japanese, who was living in Tokyo back then, so I could experience living in Tokyo – even if only for a few days.

I would love to go back to Tokyo for a longer time and live in the city for real. And start learning Japanese again!



My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To

Goa, just because…honeymoon!

After my Indian wedding in Mumbai, my husband and I went to Agonda Beach in south Goa for three days with our brother/sister and our best friends who had come to India for our wedding.

After the stress of the wedding, I was so grateful to leave Mumbai and spend three days on the beach with absolutely nothing to do, apart from eating, chatting to my best friends and laying on the beach! I also found the locals to be friendly and the food was great!

I am not the type of person who spends holidays on the beach relaxing, I can't stop for too long. My curiosity always make me want to explore new places! But this time I really needed to stop and Goa was the perfect place to just disconnect from everything and live in the moment.



My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To

Copenhagen is a city that surprised me a lot and I would love to go back there with my husband. I didn't expect to fall in love with this city, I went there last year to meet my best friend and spend a few days together. Copenhagen was one of the few European cities that neither of us had been to yet.

The city itself is beautiful, with lots of green areas and water sides. It's young, cool, trendy, and I got the feeling that the quality of life must be high.

The food and coffee was amazing and yes, it was expensive, but not so much if you compare it to London. Anyway, I'm hoping to go back soon for another weekend and next time I will make sure to hire a bicycle!



My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To
My Top 5 Travel Destinations to Go Back To

Iceland is becoming a trendy destination, I always see photos of it on my Instagram feeds! Maybe through social media more people are realizing how much this country has to offer.

I really enjoyed the quiet and stillness of life in Iceland. We didn't meet many Icelandic people, the country has a small population after all, but the few that we spoke to were friendly and kind.

The scenery was breath-taking and quiet diverse between south and north of the island. The natural pools were amazing to relax my muscles after driving for hours every day. The capital city, Reykjavik, is charming and lively, with cozy cafes and nice shops.

I would love to revisit Iceland in winter, to see the country under the snow and with a bit of luck see the Northern Lights too!

Hiking at the glacier in Mount Cook, New Zealand

Hiking at the glacier in Mount Cook, New Zealand

I hope you enjoyed this post about my top five destinations to revisit. What are the cities where you would go back to any day?

I nominate five other bloggers to take part to the Top Destinations to Go There challenge:



A Cocktail Masterclass at Kettner’s

This post is about a cocktail masterclass my husband and I were invited to attend at Kettner's last month. And also about how we won a prize for creating the best cocktail of the evening! Let me explain…

My triumphant husband Sandy with all the competition cocktails

My triumphant husband Sandy with all the competition cocktails

The event was organized by Surgery PR to promote Kettner's, an all day brasserie and cocktail bar located in a Grade II listed building in Soho.

Originally a series of four Georgian town houses, Kettner’s was first opened as a restaurant by Auguste Kettner, (chef to Napoleon III) in 1867. Popular with deliciously colourful characters of the time including Oscar Wilde, Edward VII, Lillie Langtry, Agatha Christie and Bing Crosby, Kettner’s was renowned for hosting incredibly risqué parties.

Official Website

The masterclass was conducted by Kettner's bar manager Jason Palmer, a charismatic and skillful mixologist. During the class we learnt how to create four classic cocktails: Old Fashioned, Mojito, Martini and Porn Star Martini.

Jason gave us a demonstration of how to prepare the different cocktails, but he also explaining the history of each one of them, with fun anecdotes that kept our attention up.

The Old Fashioned was the most complicated cocktail, as it required 9-10 minutes to make. This time is necessary to let the brown sugar completely dissolve in the drink. You can cheat by soaking the sugar cube in angostura and orange bitters, hence cutting a few minutes off the preparation time.

Garnish: orange peel twist & cherry. Glass: old fashioned. Ice: cubed.
Garnish: orange peel twist & cherry. Glass: old fashioned. Ice: cubed.
Garnish: orange peel twist & cherry. Glass: old fashioned. Ice: cubed.
Garnish: orange peel twist & cherry. Glass: old fashioned. Ice: cubed.
Garnish: orange peel twist & cherry. Glass: old fashioned. Ice: cubed.

Garnish: orange peel twist & cherry. Glass: old fashioned. Ice: cubed.

The Mojito is one of the world's most popular cocktail, but to get it right you need to balance its flavours correctly: the strong liquor and the sweet, sour, bitter and herbaceous notes. That's why it's the best cocktail to judge how good a barman is: the art of mixology is about balance!

Garnish: mint sprig behind straws. Glass: highball. Ice: crushed.
Garnish: mint sprig behind straws. Glass: highball. Ice: crushed.
Garnish: mint sprig behind straws. Glass: highball. Ice: crushed.
Garnish: mint sprig behind straws. Glass: highball. Ice: crushed.

Garnish: mint sprig behind straws. Glass: highball. Ice: crushed.

There are a number of techniques for making Martini (shaken, stirred, thrown) and variations on the traditional recipe. When you order one at a bar, you should be asked to choose the spirit, the vermouth and the garnish.

Garnish: citrus twist, olives. Glass: martini. Ice: none.
Garnish: citrus twist, olives. Glass: martini. Ice: none.
Garnish: citrus twist, olives. Glass: martini. Ice: none.
Garnish: citrus twist, olives. Glass: martini. Ice: none.
Garnish: citrus twist, olives. Glass: martini. Ice: none.

Garnish: citrus twist, olives. Glass: martini. Ice: none.

The Porn Star Martini is a relatively recent creation, a decadent mix of passion fruit and vodka served in a chilled glass with a shot of champagne on the side. It's a Soho cocktail classic, invented around the corner from Kettner's in honour of Paul Raymond, "The King of Soho".

Garnish: passion fruit boat. Glass: coupette / martini & shot. Ice: none.
Garnish: passion fruit boat. Glass: coupette / martini & shot. Ice: none.
Garnish: passion fruit boat. Glass: coupette / martini & shot. Ice: none.

Garnish: passion fruit boat. Glass: coupette / martini & shot. Ice: none.

At the end of the masterclass, each guests was asked to create its very own cocktail which was then rated out of 10 by a judges' panel. And as you already know, we won the first prize: a gin distillery kit!

I take the merit for the cocktail presentation, but the recipe was created and executed entirely by my husband Sandy. He used our favourite cocktail ingredient, elderflower cordial, and built the drink around it. We named it the Sunflower!

It was delicious and I can't wait for Sandy to prepare one for me again!

Garnish: orange twist. Glass: old fashioned. Ice: cubed.
Garnish: orange twist. Glass: old fashioned. Ice: cubed.
Garnish: orange twist. Glass: old fashioned. Ice: cubed.

Garnish: orange twist. Glass: old fashioned. Ice: cubed.

If you are curious, here's the recipe:

  • 50ml Elderflower Cordial
  • 5ml Orange bitter
  • 75ml Vodka
  • 3 to 5 Lemon/Lime drops
  • 1/2 Passion fruit
  • 10ml Vanilla Syrup
  • a splash of lime juice

Thanks a lot to James and his assistant for the lesson and the invaluable tips we learnt during the masterclass!

A Cocktail Masterclass at Kettner's

Disclaimer: we were guests of Surgery PR and Kettner's. All opinions are my own.

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