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    Pistachio, Orange and Courgette Cake

    Hello everyone, today I am sharing a recipe for Pistachio, Orange and Courgette Cake, a wonderful cake to have for breakfast or with your afternoon tea. What I love about this Pistachio, Orange and Courgette Cake is…

    9th Mar 2017
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    My Detox Kitchen Experience

    One of the questions I get asked more often when I say that I am a food blogger is: “how to stay slim if you eat all the time?”. Well, between you and me, I am…

    28th Jun 2016
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    Simply Nut Granola and Coconut Biscuits

    Today I’m announcing an exciting new collaboration with a British brand that is all about honest, tasty and real food: Dorset Cereals. If you live in UK you will know the brand already; for those…

    3rd Sep 2015
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    Date and Almond Bread {Paleo}

    Did I tell you I’ve been on the Whole30 program for the past three weeks? Well, I cheated twice, so technically I cannot say that I’m doing the Whole30, but apart from those two…

    31st Oct 2014