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    Create your own Dream Magnum Ice Cream

    Goodbye summer, hello winter. The weather in London has taken a cold turn and the hot days of summer already feel like a long time ago. To remind myself of summer I decided to create…

    8th November 2016
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    Chocolate, Yoghurt and Avocado Cake

    As I’m writing this post I’m sitting by the beach in Dubai enjoying the sun and the late afternoon breeze coming from the sea. I’m in Dubai for a gastronomy tour organised by the…

    5th March 2016
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    Coconut Macaroons with Dark Chocolate

    Coconut macaroons are a type of cookies made with dessicated coconut and egg whites, scooped into a little domes, with the base often coated in chocolate. They are an easy-to-make treat to make for…

    1st June 2015
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    Double Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies

    I like the challenge of baking a really complicated cake from time to time, but nothing beats the pleasure of preparing something that is really simple and yet amazing. Anyone can prepare wonderful treats…

    9th September 2013
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    Banana Bread with Pecans and Dark Chocolate

    Well done, Giulia! So far, I have kept the promise of baking and sharing a new recipe every week. I’ve been busy all weekend, then spent two days in Germany for work, but luckily…

    4th October 2012