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    The Famous New York Times Plum Torte

    Have you ever heard of the famous New York Times Plum Torte recipe? It’s one of the most popular recipes ever published by the American newspaper back in the days before the Internet. It was…

    26th November 2018
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    Fruit Loaf Cake

    Today I want to share a recipe for a traditional British cake: Fruit Loaf Cake. It’s quick to make and provides a great alternative to bread for breakfast. It’s moist and sweet, so you don’t need…

    25th June 2014
  • Recipes

    Bløtkake – Norwegian Cream Layer Cake

    One month ago I made a special cake for my husband’s birthday. It’s called Bløtkake and is a traditional Norwegian cake made with layers of sponge, jam and whipped cream, topped with fresh fruits…

    20th September 2013
  • Travel

    Oval Farmers Market

    One of the many things that I did this year, and never thought I would, was starting to work as a trader at farmers’ markets. As a food blogger, I have explored many food…

    17th August 2012
  • Travel

    Blacker Hall Farm – Yorkshire

    Visiting Yorkshire over the Easter weekend was a great way to try fresh and locally grown produce. I loved stopping at the Blacker Hall Farm, where we shopped for vegetables, fruit, cheese, homemade pies…

    18th April 2012
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    Brockley Market

    Brockley Market in south-east London is a little market that resembles a village farmers market. It takes only 8 minutes by train from London Bridge, but as you step down at St John’s station…

    22nd February 2012