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    Pastiera – Neapolitan Easter Cake

    Easter is upon us: that time of the year when it’s absolutely acceptable to eat chocolate for four days in a row. After January Detox and Lent, we can finally stuff ourselves silly and…

    1st April 2015
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    Spanakopita Veggie Roll

    One of my favourite savoury dishes to bake is Spanakopita – any possible variation of it! When I lived at home, my mum used to bake a savoury tart with spinach and ricotta cheese…

    25th February 2015
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    Pumpkin Cheesecake from FIVE cookbook

    Before I get to today’s post, which is a recipe from a great new cookbook you’ll love to hear about, I want to spend a few words to tell you about my new blog…

    30th January 2015
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    Zuccotto – Panettone and Ricotta Cake

    It’s January, so you probably have a panettone or two left over from the holidays. Or you have bought one after Christmas because it was discounted at the supermarket. What? You don’t have a…

    7th January 2015