Burger Monday with Disco Bistro

13th April 2012

One of the hottest tickets in London’s foodie scene certainly is the one for Burger Monday, the most famous dining event by food critic Daniel Young of Young & Foodish.

To have a chance to bag one of these sought-after tickets, you need to register to the Young & Foodish website and you will receive an email alert when the next event goes on sale. Tickets can sell out in only 10 minutes, so you will have to be quick in clicking on the BUY button! No time to get distracted, keep your eyes on your inbox and Twitter feeds, if you’re serious about this! ;)

After missing out on the event earlier this year, I finally succeeded in booking one ticket for the Burger Monday with Disco Bistro, ie. chef Carl Clarke.

I had already tried Carl Clarke’s food creations at the Cornish Grill in February; back then I had enjoyed an amazing venison roast with crispy potatoes cooked in smoked Pitt Cue Co. pork fat. After that memorable lunch, I was happy to try Carl’s creations again. His Burger Monday bespoke burger didn’t disappoint!

Burger Monday is hosted at a traditional English greasy spoon: Andrews Café, near Chancery Lane. When booking the ticket you get to select your preferred sitting slot (I went for the 19:45 one) so diners come and go all the time. There’s a continuing movement of people, waiters, photographer Paul Winch-Furness and of course Daniel Young, who moves from table to table to present the dishes and make sure everyone’s having a good time!

Tables are tiny and shared among 6 diners, so it is likely that you will have dinner with strangers. I see this as a good thing, I wouldn’t be going to supper clubs if I didn’t enjoy sharing a meal with people I don’t know. Of course, you never know how your dinner is going to be like: will you have chatty and friendly companions or will you be the only one tagging along to a group of friends? This is one thing that will affect deeply your experience of the night, and one thing that is out of the hands of the host. I was lucky to share the table with a friendly Spanish guy and we entertained each other with a nice chat.

Immediately as we sat down, water and wine started flowing our way, followed by the starter of Deep-fried Pickled Shiitake Mushrooms. Because you know by now that I am quite picky, I actually don’t like mushrooms! I like the taste, it’s their gumminess I have a problem with, but then everything tastes good if deep-fried right? These mushrooms were perfectly coated and crunchy, without feeling greasy or fat. The cheese sauce and caramelised onions complimented the dish perfectly.

Half way through to our dinner, we were joined by four other people, who had booked for the 20:15 sitting. They sat down at the table as we were served our main course, so poor them had to stare at us dripping in beef juice, while waiting for their burger to arrive!

And what a burger! Devon Red Ruby Burger with Cornish Saddleback Bacon in a French Dipped Bun, served with Stealth Fries spritz’d with Smoked Dripping. Soft and juicy, bringing together different flavours, slightly sweet and smoky, this burger really was something special!

To accompany the burger and fries, a cold and fizzy drink of Sarsaparilla Ice-cream Float.

The courses kept coming quickly, or maybe it was just me losing track of time after a few glasses of wine! :) Soon enough, it was time for dessert, a Blood Orange Trifle.

An hour later, I had finished my dinner, but remained a lot longer chatting to Daniel and to my new friends at the table. I had a great meal and it was lovely evening, I went back home feeling excited and happy!

Young & Foodish organizes many different events, one for every day of the week! I have already set my mind on attending a SpagWendesday, Coffee Saturday and Sunday Roast, so it won’t be long before I’ll talking about him again, I am sure!

Read Victoria Stewart’s Burger Monday feature on the Evening Standard.

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