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In my last recipe post, I promised that I would bake more often and share the recipes on the blog. But the problem is, who is going to eat all my baked goods? I am happy to eat a slice of cake or a muffin every now and then, but when you end up eating the same thing for a week it becomes a bit boring. And it is not good for your diet! ;) My husband has a sweet tooth, but even him can't finish a whole cake. So what to do? The answer is to bake healthy things, that we can eat without feeling guilty.

I turned to my Facebook page followers for help, asking them to suggest recipes of tasty and low fat desserts. I was also looking for recipes with low content of butter and egg yolks. And possibly wheat-free. Mmmmm...not easy!

The suggestions ranged from Crunchy Honey & Sesame Bars to Almond & Cardamom Cake, from Olive Oil Biscuits to Yoghurt Cake. The winning idea was Pistachio Cookies by Dish Piglets, a recipe adapted from Trissalicious blog.

These cookies are made with almond flour and ground pistachios, a bit of sugar and egg white. That's it, simple and easy. They remind me of Sicilian marzipan sweets, though those are very sweet and crumble in your hands. My pistachio cookies turned out more crunchy on the outside, yet moist and soft on the inside.

Almond flour is made from ground blanched almonds and is also known as almond meal or frangipane (in France). It adds moistness and a rich nutty taste to biscuits and cakes.

Almond flour does have more calories than wheat flour, but it's also high in proteins, fibers and healthy unsaturated fats. It is a great ingredient to use in baking if you are following a low carbohydrate diet or if you need high protein snacks to keep your metabolism active.


* 140g roasted pistachios * 120g almond flour * 80g caster sugar * egg whites from 2 eggs * green food colouring


In a food processor, chop half of the pistachios finely to a powder, while leaving the other half rough and with bigger pieces that will be used for the decoration of the cookies.

In a bowl, place the pistachio powder, almond flour, sugar and egg whites and mix well until you form a paste. Add a few drops of food colouring.

Scoop the cookie batter and form little balls, then roll them in the remaining ground pistachios. If you find the batter too sticky, add a little bit more almond flour.

Place on a baking sheet and bake for about 13/15 minutes at 170 °C.

Half way through the cooking, I flattened the cookie balls with a spoon and dusted them with caster sugar.

Once the cookies are baked and cooled, store them in an airtight container. Serve with coffee or tea.

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mondomulia 22/11/2012

Almond flour for cupcakes is a great idea! I've only just discovered this ingredient, but I will surely use it again in the future! I can't tolerate too much wheat and at the same time I am always looking for high-protein ingredients for my vegetarian husband, so almond flour is very good for us! :)

Laura { This City Life London} 22/11/2012

Ooo these look good! I love baking but also struggle to eat all the goods and these sound great!

I used ground almonds to bake cupcakes for a friend who can't eat gluten and they went down well so I'm sure she'd love to hear about these too!


Kuntal 22/11/2012

Almond flour is EXACTLY what I use in ALL my baking to make gluten free food. I couldn't survive without my Almond flour. I replace almond flour/meal in all flour/wheat based recipes but only add 3/4 of the amount as it is heavier.

I definately try this recipe and you know what to bake for me the next time we come to your house ;)

mondomulia 22/11/2012

Ahahah, sure! Pistachio Cookies for you next time! We need to plan a date! :)

sadia zahidi 11/10/2013

Another delicious post.i already comment on Gingerbread Cookies .. i never control own my self when i saw this Cookies recipe because cookies are my one of weakness point,