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I don’t as often as I used to nowadays, so when I do is usually for a special occasion: a birthday, a charity bake event at my husband’s office or a friends’ party. I used to bake almost every weekend in the first few years of this blog and I thought I would do it even more once I quit my office job. But life as a freelancer unemployed is hard and I am constantly running around, networking, writing my blog, taking photos as well as doing little jobs here and there just to pay the bills (and hopefully improve… Continue reading

Another year, another birthday, another cake! Today is my birthday and as per tradition I have baked myself a lovely cake. This year is the Hummingbird Cake!


My recipe inspiration came from Jamie Oliver “Comfort Food” of which I received a beautiful copy signed by Jamie and customised with graffiti art at the book’s launch party last month.

You can see all my photos from #JamiesComfortFood party on my Facebook page.


During the party at Recipease in Notting Hill, Jamie Oliver’s Executive Pastry Chef Ed Loftus baked this Hummingbird Cake (as well as other cakes) from the cookbook… Continue reading

Today is a special day: Mondomulia turns three years old! It’s crazy to think how this little blog revolutionized my life, motivated me, shaped who I am, gave me new friends and a new career.

Chocolate-Guinness-Cake-Salted-Caramel-11 copy Chocolate-Guinness-Cake-Salted-Caramel-18

I missed my blog’s 2nd anniversary last November as I was on my honeymoon in Australia, but this year I wasn’t going to let the 24th of November pass without a special post (and miss the opportunity to eat a slice of cake…or three!).

This year I have another reason to celebrate: in two weeks I will officially retire from advertising and start working full… Continue reading

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