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  • Coffee

    A Speciality Coffee Guide To Warsaw

    A couple of years ago I read an article on Sprudge about the marvelous cafes of Warsaw which sparked my interest in the Polish capital. I never thought of Warsaw as a hub of of…

    10th November 2016
  • Coffee

    Coffee and Brunch at Fields, Clapham Common

    I live in Clapham, a residential neighbourhood in south west London that offers a lot of choices for eating out (independent cafés and chains). On Saturdays and Sundays, locals come out en masse to have…

    4th August 2016
  • Coffee

    How to make Flat White at home

    The thing I miss the most about working in Clerkenwell is going on coffee breaks around the office. After I quit my job, I thought I would spend more time working in coffee shops around…

    14th January 2016
  • Coffee

    Speciality Coffee at Embassy East in Hoxton

    In my search for the “best places to enjoy good coffee”, I have recently stumbled upon a new gem called Embassy East and located at the back end of Hoxton Street, Hackney. It’s not…

    20th March 2013
  • Coffee London Reviews

    Vagabond Coffee

    I have a long list of independent coffee places that I would like to visit in London. It keeps growing, as new shops open at a higher pace than my exploratory visits are made…

    13th July 2012