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    Sweet Potato, Gruyere & Rosemary Tart

    This savoury Sweet Potato, Gruyere & Rosemary tart has become my go-to recipe for dinner parties: it’s cheap, easy and quick plus I know my guest will love it. Try it, and you’ll see what…

    2nd January 2016
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    Pastiera – Neapolitan Easter Cake

    Easter is upon us: that time of the year when it’s absolutely acceptable to eat chocolate for four days in a row. After January Detox and Lent, we can finally stuff ourselves silly and…

    1st April 2015
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    Linzer Torte for Valentines Day

    It’s the time of the year to celebrate Valentine’s Day and spend this special day with your loved ones. Why not try a traditional Austrian recipe for Linzer Torte, a delicious almond tart with…

    13th February 2015